Peppa Pig learning books (English) 6 volumes

Product size: 10.6 x 5.3 x 11.8 cm

Packaging: cardboard book

Number of pages: 48 (total)

Peppa Pig, is a British preschool TV cartoon. The story revolves around her happy experiences with her family, and is humorous and interesting. It promotes traditional family concepts and friendship, and encourages children to experience life. The minimalist animation style, humorous dialogue tone, and deeply educational storyline not only allow preschool children to learn knowledge, but also help children develop good living habits from an early age.
This English version of Peppa Pig Little Library is adapted from the Peppa Pig cartoon. There are 6 volumes in total. The stories involved in the book are all things that children may encounter as they grow up. Unforgettable experience. Humorous and warm family stories help children develop correct habits, good character and quality in a subtle way.

Recommended reasons:
1. Each volume contains about 10 sentences in English, one sentence per page, the sentences are simple and suitable for reading;
2. The color of the book is bright and fresh, the cartoon characters are cute, and the painting style is simple;
3. It is a palm book, and the small format is easy for little hands to pick up and put down. , suitable for children's palms to read;
4. It is both an enlightenment book for babies and a conceptual toy, and the back covers of the 6 volumes can be used as puzzles;
5. The original English version is designed with a cardboard book and will last for hundreds of times.
This is a fantastic Peppa Pig library that's great value for Peppa Pig fans! There are six chunky little books in a pretty little case. This is the perfect gift for your little piglet. Peppa's Family: The Peppa family has different hobbies

Peppa’s Family
Peppa at Home
Peppa at Playgroup
Peppa’s Garden
Peppa Favorite Things
Peppa’s Friends

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