Coloring Set

86 Pieces color set, very affordable, can be used for school projects, kindergarten classrooms, primary school art teaching, junior high school, high school, training classes, etc. The price is cheap and it is easy for children to teach.
Short handles, easy to control – short plastic handles provide easy control and management, you can focus on painting with colored pens, perfect for children, because they are lightweight plastic handles, plastic handles do not break or crack painted wood handles, safe and durable,
Quality children's color pen: When you create artwork, it does not "rust" and can be durable.
The highly saturated pigment is very smooth and evenly pigmented, suitable for ages 3 and up
Versatile: - Multi-purpose brushes are perfect for birthday parties, painting parties, art parties, paintings and more. These brushes can be used by your child while working on their next painting project.

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